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(c) 2008 Jerry Grady

Mute Swan Aggressively Defending its Large Territory
White River Marsh Habitat
Muskegon County, Michigan.

Below: A Mute swan harassing young Canada Geese. The large Mute chased the panicked geese who were attempting to feed, onto shore. This aggressive behavior was unrelated to a Mute nesting area or any signets in the area. The mute was alone and was simply teaching the young geese that they were unwelcome in the watershed. This behavior imprints on the geese who will eventually avoid Mutes and as an unfortunate result, avoid appropriate nesting and feeding areas as adults. The Mutes are not true wildlife and do not behave in a way that is compatible with wildlife diversity. The Mutes were originally status symbols for the wealthy elite as decorations on their estates. They eventually escaped or were released and are now disrupting the balance among native species with their interspecies aggression and their population growth.

(c) 2012 Jerry Grady

Our native inhabitants are not tolerated by Mute Swans