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In October of 2018 Celebrated its 10th Year!

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The following images and video are from our small but significant portion of West Michigan
here in the White River Watershed, and the Whitehall & Montague areas.

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The Watershed Wildlife Philosophy

This site has been providing visitors with a taste of the wildlife here in the White Lake area and the watershed for over ten years. When I created the site the goal was to make local residents aware of the attributes of our natural surroundings. Our rural nature is what makes us unique. I disagree when others wish to remake us in the image of urban areas. More concrete and turf grass will only diminish our uniqueness. Those who visit our communities are not seeking what they have in the city. We already posses the reason for others to want to visit. It surrounds us. Why not take advantage of it?

Over the past half dozen decades I have witnessed the loss of most of our distinctive city history and character using the approach that if we tear down a structure and put in asphalt, they will come. Tourists rarely prioritize trips based on a parking spot Fortunately we still have the option available to showcase our natural resources. The next time dollars are planned for a project to enhance the community, stop and ponder: Does it have synergy with our existing natural attributes or is it urban envy; a substitute for the natural alternatives cities lack, reflecting a desire for quantity over quality? Ask yourself how we might instead, provide opportunities for residents and visitors to access and experience what already exists: our unique natural wealth.

Jerry Grady

Watershed Wildlife Has A New Look in Its Eleventh Year!
Inaugurated October 29th, 2008
 Updated January, 2018

All images (c)Jerry Grady
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