A Watershed Wildlife Endorsement for the Michigan 91st District Representative


For ten years Watershedwildlife.com has attempted to focus attention on, and awareness of, the bounty of natural attributes that surround us here in Western Michigan. Because I havenít previously had an immersive political party affiliation, I have not used the site to promote a political viewpoint but I now feel my world of nature, science and conservation is under attack. I must speak up to defend the natural world we depend upon with a stronger voice. One way we can combat the threat together is to elect someone to represent us in government who supports a strong public educational system, one who has a long record of pulling the two sides of the aisle together to accomplish great things, and one who respects the need to protect nature and assume the responsibility to make it right when we harm it.

With these things in mind, there is only one choice for Michigan State Representative for the 91st District and that is Tanya Cabala. I urge you to begin making things right by electing her in 2018.

See: tanyacabala.com

Jerry Grady