"Watershed History"



Historical Images & AV of The
Whitehall - Montague - White Lake Area

I began this project to share my historical collection
years ago and it is finally a reality. It's only a start.
Yes, it's not wildlife but why not share it?

It is a haphazard mix of what I've collected living in
the White Lake area: Some from family albums, from
projects I've worked on, images/video that I created,
material given to me & items of unknown origin
passed from one person to another over the years.

Much of the credit for the historical research in this site goes to Barb Brow. She is a seemingly endless source of local history

Comments, corrections, links etc. contact:  jerry@ [my domain-name-at the top of the page, no spaces]

Inaugurated September 2019


 Updates will be indicated
Audio & Video
Images & Information


A movie of Whitehall Michigan's
100th birthday. - 1960

Video memories of the Todd Pharmacy
lunch counter from - 1994

A video tour through the Genesco tannery just prior to its deconstruction - 2007

A tour of the completed restoration of the
L. G. Ripley home, Montague, MI - 2018




Snapshots from a family album. A Montague "Home Coming" the 1930 fire & others. 
[ Updated 10/22/19 ]

Tannery group photos with ID's From the Dexter King Collection. You may find someone you knew.

White Lake Villa Resort

"Celebrate White Lake" Posters

Images of Montague
[ Updated 10/22/19 ]

Images of Whitehall from Pitkin family collection
[ Updated 11-1-19 ] [Updated 11-3-19 ]

Pitkin's Pharmacy over the decades from Pitkin family collection
[ Added 11-3-19 ]

Images of Whitehall   --- coming

Images of White Lake   --- coming

An interactive 360 degree tour of the old Whitehall "Pinheads" bowling alley in Whitehall.

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