2009 White Lake Area Nature Walk Series


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September 5th Drowned river mouth lakes and rivers,
their geology and plants.

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The last tour of the summer attracted almost too many participants to photograph at once.
The walk was divided into two groups. Above, the two groups pass each other at the half way point..


 Jeff Auch of the Conservation District talked about the history of the area and the roll the presence of sand played in creating the drowned river mouth we call White Lake.





Two invasive species: Phragmites in the left box and Purple Loosestrife in the right box.
The natural cleaning function of the White River marsh was diminished with the fill used to create the causeway. The result was a channeling of the river that accelerates sedimentation of the lake.



Japanese Knot Weed. An invasive shrub that responds to cutting back by spreading.




Virginia creeper and wild grape climbing a tree.


Golden Rod

Wild grape kills trees by shading out the sunlight. You might call it Michigan Kudzu.

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