White Lake Villa












View of the Johnson homestead from the east & the farm

View of the homestead from the lake

Early "Flying Boats" at the Villa

Water slide & Weenie roast

Dance Bands at the Villa

Founding Families Part1

Founding Families Part2

The Bathing Beach that never was


Inside the Villa


Villa Scrap book

The Johnson home on left, the original resort hotel/dining room partially hidden behind the barn and the newer Villa dining hall on the far right. The Barn was eventually converted into the Charles Svensson home at 1203 Lake Street. In the foreground is the small farm that helped feed the guests.


*The Villa "truck farm" on The Johnson Homestead


Taken from an advertising flyer of the time:

* "We have our own vegetables, fruits, chickens, eggs, etc., prepare our smoked meats and have plenty of milk from our own cows. These, together with our good wholesome home cooking, has made for us a reputation of setting an excellent table." (See reservation Letter)

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