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Barb Bedau Brow

     > Al Pack, The Man, The Myth And The Legend
          > The Ark
          > John Alexander Dowie and Ben Mac Dhui
          > The Franklin House Hotel
          > Lewis House
          > L.G. Ripley
          > Lifesaving Station White Lake - U. S.Coast Guard Station No268
          > Montague House Hotel
          > Montague Ironworks
          > Montague Memorial Field
          > Shipwrecks, in or Near The White Lake Area
          > The Helen And The Blizzard of 1886
          > Whitehall Hotels
          > The White Lake Channel
          > White River Lighthouse

          > Steamer Argo
          > SS Arizona
          > White Lake Barbecue
          > Steamer Carrie A. Ryerson
          > Steamer Lawrence/Fontenac
          > SS Carolina
          > SS Georgia
          > Trails Meet Ferry
          > Seager House
          > Lydonia II
          > Murray's Inn
          > Readn', Ritin' and Rithmatic Part1
          > Readn', Ritin' and Rithmatic Part2 
          > Readn', Ritin' and Rithmatic Part3
          > White Lake Villa-1
          > Catalpa Resort
          > Opera Houses
          > Great Fire of 1881
          > The Fire of 1890
          >Mills and Lakeside Inn
          >Nufer Mill
Hornellsville, New York Mill ľaka J. Alley & Company
          >The Heald, Murphy, Crepin Mill at Maple Grove
          >Dowling Bank
          >Building Bridges
          >The Helen & The Blizzard of 1886
          >Launches Brunette, Ruth, Sylph & Pathfinder
          >The White Lake Connection
          >The Mary Booth
          >I. W. Berd

          > Published Additions/Corrections
                       2021 The Ark & Murray's Inn

          > Local History Articles by Others - Reprinted
                       Wabaningo: The Man Part 1
                       Wabaningo: The Man Part 2
                       Sunken Ship Uncovered at Meinert Park Beach
                       A Peak Inside an Exceptional Mind