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A work in-progress...

AV & Interactive Media

Whitehall's Changing Architectural styles 1860 - 1950
By Roger Scharmer

A movie of Whitehall Michigan's
100th birthday. - 1960

Video memories of the Todd Pharmacy
lunch counter from - 1994

A video tour through the Genesco tannery just prior to its deconstruction - 2007

A tour of the completed restoration of the
L. G. Ripley home, Montague, MI - 2018

Interactive 360 view from the south pier 2019
            [CLICK & DRAG or JUST WATCH]

Interactive 360 view inside Pinheads Bowling


The late Dexter King for the tannery collection

Ruth & Ann (Pitkin) Pierre for the Clarence Pitkin Collection

Chris Beaman for the loan of his postcards and images for scanning.

The Svensson family for the White Lake Villa collection of photos.

Other Local History Sources

On Facebook: "Remembering White Lake History"
Your opportunity to share and discuss historical content.

White Lake Area Historical Society Website
Attend and join to enjoy and discuss presentations and tours.

On Facebook: "White Lake Area Historical Society in Montague and Whitehall, Michigan"

Montague Museum Website
8717 Meade Street on the corner of Meade and Church Streets

"Living Lightly on The Land"
A Harriet Pierson Berman Memorial Walk
(White Lake Area Historical Society)

"Cross River Rivals"
An Illustrated History of
The White Lake Area.
For sale at The Book Nook & Java Shop
and the White Lake Area Community Library

By Author and Historian Daniel Yakes & Steven Demos



View Contributed Collections

Snapshots from a family album. A Montague "Home Coming" the 1930 fire & others. 

Tannery group photos with ID's From the Dexter King Collection. You may find someone you know.

White Lake Villa Resort From Svensson Family

Images of Whitehall from Clarence Pitkin collection

Pitkin's Pharmacy over the decades from Clarence Pitkin collection

"Barb's Corner" 
Read Published Articles
 by Barb Bedau Brow

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"Celebrate White Lake" Posters 1992 - 2017

Images of Montague

Images of Whitehall
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Ships, Boats, Launches, Ferries & Things That Float

Transportation on Land

Historic Homes Vintage Images - Page 1

Historic Homes Vintage Images - Page 2

Historic Homes Recent Images Part I

Historic Homes Recent Images Part II


Aerial Images

Cabins, Camps, Trailer Parks, Hotels, Motels & B&B's

Miss America, Nancy Anne Fleming

Sports Teams

Lumber Industry

White Lake Channel

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       > White River Lighthouse

          > Life Saving Station