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Downtown Whitehall, Michigan

The building on the right was Swidenís Tavern - owned by Hamed Swiden. The building to the left of Swidenís was Olsenís Eat Shop - owned by Herman Olsen. (It was sold to Connie Quint in 1946, but doubt this picture is that old. The back of the tall building on the far left might be the Oakland Pontiac dealership. (M-11 Garage was next to it and is hidden by the tree.)
North End of Mears.
The Whitehall Fire Dept which was built in 1891, after the "big fire" destroyed the original one.
It also served the home of the City Hall until they moved in 1960. It was torn down in 1962.
Whitehall Bakery ( Arrow) was opened by Robert Muehle of Chicago in May 1914. Some years later it was owned by George Saupp. In January 1929, Mr. Saupp sold the building to J. H. Varenhorst, owner of Oceana-Hart Bakery. The building was razed in March of that year and construction of a new modern bakery building took place. (Below)
The business opened in June 1929 as the White Lake Lunch Room and Bakery. In 1934 local photographer I. B.Masure purchased the building and it became known as the Masure Building. In 1935 James Summers of Evanston IL took over operation of the bakery located there which became known as Summers' Bakery. In February 1942, it was announced the Grand Opening of Kroger Supermarket at that location.  
In October 1957, D.M.Holdren was the proprietor of Val-Uhall, a self-serve discount store. There was also a discount variety store called Depend-On. In 1974 Depend-On was purchased by Bill & Fay Clark and they opened Clark's Save-On Center. John & Donna Heringa purchased Clark's in 1984 and in 1987 Mike Gautraud purchased the business from Heringa's. (Bill Clark still owned the building and leased it at that time.) In November 1993 it was announced that Hunt Hardware (below) was going to move from Montague to Whitehall and open in the Clark's Sav-On store building.
The building indicated by the arrow was owned by Frank D. Glazer & Son (D.P.) and operated from around 1874 and later owned by J. P. Jacobson.

In January 1935 Leonard and Edna (Kern) Bloomdahl bought this building and stock of J. P. Jacobson, who had conducted business at that location for 10+ years. After A&P moved out, it appears that it became Whitehall Thriftway sometime in the 1970s.

In July 1938, the old Moog & Son Hardware building next door to Bloomdahl's was torn down as it was considered a fire trap and leaning so badly toward the Masure/Hunt building across the ally there was concern that it might collapse.
In 1956 the Bloomdahls closed their store and leased the building to A&P who was there from 1956-1975. A&P had previously been located in the large building 2-doors West of Pitkin as well as having a store in the Ohrenberger building in Montague from 1936-1941.
The Grand Opening of Strahl's Standard station on November 17 & 18, 1950.




On September 5, 1957 the tear-down and rebuild of the building was announced.

After Merle Strahl, other owner/operators were Roger Klett and then Ray Furman.

In January 1992 it became the new location of Subway, which had been in the White Lake Plaza since December 1988.




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