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Hanson Street At Lions Park (Dump)

Goodrich Park From Hill at End of Colby

View From Hunts Hardware Parking Lot. Alley on the right.

The nearest building is the Moog Building. It was torn down in 1938, according to the article from July 28 of that year.




Colby at Division. The Pike Garage and eventually (Home Services) Eklund Garage left,
White Lake Garage right.

From above photo

Colby at Division St. White Lake Garage at left, now Wesco location.


Lake St. near Slocum. Mill Pond Point far upper left.

From above photo

Whitehall Shoreline
From above photo

Wooden Substation. Looking North Toward Montague

Thompson St. into Whitehall

From above photo

The building on the right was Swidenís Tavern - owned by Hamed Swiden. The building to the left of Swidenís was Olsenís Eat Shop - owned by Herman Olsen. (It was sold to Connie Quint in 1946. The back of the tall building on the far left might be the Oakland Pontiac dealership. (M-11 Garage was next to it and is hidden by the tree.)

Causeway looking N.     Covell Office

North End of Mears.
The Whitehall Fire Dept which was built in 1891, after the "big fire" destroyed the original one.
It also served the home of the City Hall until they moved in 1960. It was torn down in 1962.




Division St. Looking South



Methodist Church from above photo

The first Whitehall Methodist Church was built in 1876 and burned to the ground on December 14, 1903. The only thing that remained was the bell. This is the second church which was built in 1904.

Estimated to be tannery spur.

Lewis house detail from above photo.

The Coliseum was built by Herbert Schmidt at a cost of $4,000 equipped with stage screens, roller skates and seats valued at $2,000. It opened on May 30, 1913, and was destroyed by fire on January 10, 1915.