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Dunbars Cabins

Sun Ray Cabins 1950ca
In February 1940, Dale Dunbar purchased a 160-acre stretch of property, south of Whitehall, intersected by US 31, that once belonged to the Covell Estate. His plans for the property were to build overnight tourist cabins there.

His plans included construction of a scenic drive leading to the cabin development on his property. He offered to donate the cut timbers from that roadway to the American Legion for their building on White Lake, if they were willing to cut the trees.

In 1947, Dunbar sold his cabin property to Joseph Nast of Chicago and the wooded part of the property on the other side of US 31 to Walter Hunt. Mr. Joseph Nast and his wife Madelyne changed the name of Dunbars Cabins to Sun-Ray Cabins and operated them for many years. Mrs. Nast died in 1968 and he died in 1971.