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  Courtney Campbell



Tuneenah Lodge - Summer Home of Courtney Campbell

Andrew Courtney Campbell was born in 1848 in Galena, Illinois. He married Cornelia Morton in 1881 in Chicago; they had three children - two of whom died young and a son who was killed in France in 1917 while serving in WW I.

They were summer residents coming to the area from Chicago in the early 1900s. He was an active member of the White Lake Yacht Club and helped keep up the interest in the club’s work. They sold their summer home in 1919 to Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Jackson of Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Campbell died in 1938; A.C. Campbell died in 1944.

C. W. Clark

             Dr. Cole

Dr. Henry S. Cole, an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist, came to the area around 1911, and had a very successful practice. He was born in 1879 in Lafayette County, Wisconsin. He served in the Spanish-American War with Company 3, First Wisconsin volunteers. He also served as Captain of Company G, Third Michigan Infantry. He was the Whitehall Village President for four terms. He went to Washington DC in 1916 to plead for government support to keep the White Lake Channel open and in good repair. In 1917 he received a commission as Captain of the U.S. Medical Corp and reported to Ft. Riley, Kansas.

He married Mary Cram in 1903. They came to the area with their two children, a daughter Dorcy and a son John. His wife Mary and 6-year old son John both died within two weeks of one another in 1914.

In 1916 he married Blanche Crim who survived him when he died in 1944. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Dr. James H. Barnard was born Benzonia in 1864 and came to the Whitehall area in 1918. He was married to Ethel May Alexander in Ontario, Canada in 1903. They had two sons: George and James. He died in 1926; she died in 1940. They are both buried in Oakhurst Cemetery along with their son James who died in 1958.

Oliver Royce Byam appears to be the next to occupy the house from 1945 to 1976. Oliver was born in Saginaw in 1906. He married Mildred Street in Chesaning in 1920; they had four children – two daughters: Linda and Jean; and two sons: George and Douglas. They moved to the Whitehall area in 1945 where Oliver was a teacher and basketball coach at Whitehall District Schools until he retired in 1958.

From 1976 thru 1991, Cal and Katey Halberg used the house and buildings for their antique business known as the “Pack Rats”.

Vannetten & Bronsick
In 2002, Jean Vannetten and Marjorie Bronsick requested a continuance to operate the residence and existing antique store as “The Shoppe on the Hill”.

As the house has now been sold, it will be interesting to see what new history will be added.